Lindy Walking Sinker

The Lindy Walking Sinker is an essential component in Lindy Rigs and helps anglers sneak up on big walleyes.
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The Lindy Walking Sinker enhances the Lindy Rig without scaring the fish away with bright colors or loud disturbances. The oversized line hole allows fish to feel little or no resistance when biting, and the weight rides on its heel to cut down on the amount of bottom disturbance. This is one sneaky walking sinker, and it’s more snag-proof than most sinkers.

Weight Sinkers per pk. Item No.
1/8-oz. 8 SA001
1/4-oz. 6 SA002
3/8-oz. 5 SA006
1/2-oz. 5 SA003
3/4-oz. 4 SA004
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