Lindy Stinger Snells

Make jigs even deadlier by adding a Lindy Stinger Snell. The Lindy Stinger Snell features a super-sharp treble hook and easy, sure attachment to your jig.
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The perfect way to trick sluggish or light-biting walleyes, the Lindy Stinger Snell attaches easily to any jig and provides that little extra length that makes a huge difference. Short-strikers won’t stand a chance! Easy to attach and super-sharp, the Lindy Stinger Snell will add to your limit.

  • Quickly and easily attached
  • Increases hook-up ratio while jig fishing
  • Available in several snell lengths to suit any application
  • Perfect rig for catching sluggish walleye
  • Equipped with super-sharp hook points
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