Lindy Old Guide's Secret Willow Rig

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Catch more big-water walleyes with the Old Guide's Secret Willow Rig. Its size 4.5 willow-leaf blade trolls deeper, at higher speeds, than Indiana or Colorado blades. Plus, the large profile mimcs large baitfish, perfect for targeting trophy walleyes in the Great Lakes and other large bodies of water. The willowleaf blade creates a moderate amount of vibration, ideal for clear-water situations. The rig is always a threat, but really shines in summer and early fall, when hungry walleyes chase fast-moving presentations. Old Guide’s Secret Willow Rigs are available in multiple fish-catching patterns, all with 6mm faceted beads and two gold hooks in sizes 4 and 6.

Model  Count  Blade Type  Hook Size  Number of Hooks
GS3  1 4.5 Willowleaf #4 & #6 Gold  2-Hook
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