• Emerald Shiner
  • Fire Tiger
  • Purple Passion
  • Clown
  • Silver Blue Shiner
  • Wounded Olive
  • Chartreuse Perch
  • Gold Perch
  • Silver Black
  • Gold Black
  • Pearl Red Head

Lindy Rally Fish

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The new Lindy Rally Fish crankbait was designed to represent a blend of baitfish species to make it effective no matter what species makes up the lion’s share of forage on any particular body of water. The Rally Fish has the look and action to fool big gamefish no matter where they swim.


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The new Rally Fish dives to 12 feet on the cast, but trolls down to 26-feet deep. Color patterns include cutting edge looks and proven classics. On the interior, the Rally Fish contains pitch-perfect rattles for long-distance fish attraction. It’s equipped with super-sharp #4 red treble hooks.

Model Weight Length Hooks
LRF3 3/8 oz 3.5" #4