Lindy Foo Flyer

The Lindy Foo Flyer Ice Jig glides outside the hole, hovers just off bottom, pounds bottom and spells the long road to ruin for big bluegills, crappie, perch and walleyes.

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The Lindy Foo Flyer Ice Jig “ain’t no pretender!” In fact, once you learn to fly, the Foo Flyer helps you catch walleyes, perch, crappie and other gamefish, everlong. Times like these, ice anglers need a versatile jig that glides outside the hole and bottom pounds. Tip the Foo with any preferred live bait or small soft plastics.

  • Flying and gliding action is irresistible to fish
  • Glides well over 1 foot when jigged
  • Designed to be used with live bait or soft plastics
    Model Weight Hook Size
    LFF5 1/4 oz #2
    LFF4 3/16 oz #4
    LFF3 1/8 oz #6
    LFF2 1/16 oz #8