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Lindy Floating Rig X-Treme

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The Lindy Floating Rig X-Treme is the best-of-the-best when it comes to effective walleye fishing. Comes with a painted Walking Sinker, bead, red hook and other top-quality components.


The Lindy Floating Rig X-Treme consists of only the best quality components. This 42-inch snell features a red hook, bead and float, and tops out with a pre-tied Lindy Swivel. It also comes with a painted Walking Sinker. Multiple sizes and colors are available to match any situation.

Lindy Rig X-Treme Includes:

  • 1 snell
  • 1 float
  • 1 sinker

 Key Features:

  • 42-Inch snell
  • Includes 1 pre-tied Lindy swivel
  • Bleeding bait red hook adds the color required to prompt strikes

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