Just Add Nature Hoppin Things

The Just Add Nature Hoppin' Things Kit is the perfect way to introduce fishing to a child. All Just Add Nature kits focus on teaching a love for fishing to children and the skills to be successful anglers. They are designed for young or inexperienced anglers who will be fishing from the bank of a small lake, stream or pond. The tools and educational material for a safe, successful and, most importantly, fun activity are right in the bucket. All of the kits come in a reusable bucket that contains a pair of multipurpose pliers, easy to follow bait-rigging instructions and a fish-identification and activity poster. The Hoppin-Things Kit also includes a net for catching crickets or grasshoppers to use as bait, split shot and spring floats. As the kids catch the Hoppin' Things, they can store them in the bucket! The barbless hook adds a layer of safety for youngsters as any accidents result in simple finger pricks and not a trip to the ER to remove an embedded hook.
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The Just Add Nature Hoppin' Things Kit contains the tools and equipment inexperienced anglers need to begin a lifelong hobby in the great outdoors. Easy-to-follow instructions, spring floats, split shot, barbless hooks, multipurpose pliers, a fish identification and activity poster, a critter-catching net and a reusable bucket set kids up for a fun day outside.

  • Just Add Nature is a Fishing Adventure in a Bucket! 
  • Critter bucket holds all the components before and after they are used.
  • Critter net helps kids catch crickets and grasshoppers
  • Fishing rod and line not included
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