• Black/Red Eye
  • Pink Chartreuse
  • Menhaden
  • Bone Flash
  • Mullet
  • Baby Blue Fish
  • Blue Flash
  • Banana
  • Metallic
  • Red Eye
  • Silver Flash
  • Yellow Croaker

Creek Chub Striper Strike

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The Creek Chub Striper Strike delivers super-long casts – perfect for fishing the surf, below dams or anywhere long-casts are necessary to catch fish. As a slow-sinking lure, the Striper Strike is designed to be retrieved quickly on top like an escaping baitfish.

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The Striper Strike was engineered to be cast farther than other lures, perfect for anglers plying the surf, fishing below dams or anywhere long casts are required. As a slow-sinking lure, the Striper Strike should be retrieved quickly on top to mimic an escaping baitfish, driving stripers, bass, redfish and other gamefish wild.

Species: Salt, Striped Bass, Bluefish

Model Length Weight Cranking Depth  Hooks
I2500P  3 1/2 in.  3/4 oz  Subsurface  # 2 Saltwater
I2100P  4 1/4 in.  1 1/2 oz  Subsurface  # 1/0 Saltwater
I1900P  5 in.  2 1/8 oz  Subsurface  # 3/0 Saltwater