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BOOYAH® Hard Knocker® Goldie

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Anglers in Florida are going to be at an awed hush when they see this one! Introducing the pattern most likely to catch a bass in brackish water, meet Goldie! We began looking into the best spots for lipless crankbaits consistently every season and lakes like Okeechobee, Toho, and the St. Johns kept coming up so we zeroed in on a gold base pattern we believe will win major money this year. Goldie features a gold matte finish as the base and has a darker shaded top with a checkered finish and a dark belly to provide a great contrast as it rips clean from clumps of grass! Available in both the 1/4 and 1/2 oz. sizes of the BOOYAH Hard and One Knocker crankbait to cover any depth range and any mood the bass are in.

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