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BOOYAH Covert Finesse Double Colorado

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BOOYAH Covert Finesse Double Colorado configuration of the Covert Finesse Spinnerbait provides anglers with the ultimate small package dirty water spinnerbait! Built with two hard thumping Hildebrandt Colorado blades to vibrate erratically calling to bass in dirty water. In addition to the hard thumping blades, the Double Colorado configuration comes equipped with all the top-notch components known to the Covert series such as a raked-out head, exquisite skirts, 17-7 wire, and stout hook. This model is ideal for stained to dirty water or any situation that calls for maximum vibration to get the bass’ attention!

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BOOYAH Bait Co. has introduced the next top level spinnerbait choice from the mind of expert angler,

Jason Christie! Introducing the Covert Finesse series, a spinnerbait line built to provide a scaled down

profile of the popular Covert series for matching smaller bait and enticing bites out of ultra-pressured

bass. All components such as skirts, head design, and Hildebrandt blades have remained the same but

are now downsized with a weight distributed to the shaft of the hook for a smaller profile.


  • Features a weighted shank hook for scaled down profile
  • Top notch Covert series components (Hildebrandt blades)
  • Raked out head for precise movement in water
  • Weight 3/8 oz
  • Hook 4/0

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