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Bomber Saltwater Grade Stand-Up Jig

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The Bomber Saltwater Grade Stand-Up Jig-Head keeps its nose down and its tail up to present the bait right where the fish want it.

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Nose down and tail up – the Bomber Saltwater Grade Stand-Up Jig-Head hunts down big redfish, speckled trout and other inshore predator fish. The Stand-Up design rests on bottom with the hook riding upward, providing a more-natural appearance and keeping the hook in position for a sure hookset. Built saltwater tough with premium saltwater hooks and finishes, the Stand-Up Jig-Head also features triple rings around the hook shank to hold plastics secure.


Model #  Weight
Count  Hooks Cranking Depth
BSWSUJ14  1/4 oz  8  4/0  Sinking


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