Bomber Saltwater Grade Paradise Popper X-Treme

No other popping cork compares to the Bomber Saltwater Grade Paradise Popper X-Treme. It’s simply the most-advanced, toughest and effective popping cork you can buy.
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The Paradise Popper X-Treme is “Titanium-Tough” and weighted for longer, more-accurate casts, and comes with all of the features to make it the last brand of popping cork you’ll ever buy. Features like brass grommets at both ends, brass beads on top and two different beads on bottom to create accurate shrimp “clicks” that attract fish, and high-visibility colors make the Paradise Popper X-Treme the top-of-the-line. Very popular on all coastal waterways.

  • Brings Carolina rigging to the surface!
  • It's Titanium-Tuff and weighted for longer casts
  • Comes equipped with a titanium-tough wire extending through a high-visibility foam float.
  • Shapes are compatible with our saltewater jigs and saltwater plastics, or with live bait.
  • Surface-feeding fish hear and see the commotion, rise to the occasion, and then strike your bait!
  • Brass beads at the top combine with plastic beads at the bottom to provide loud "shrimp click" sounds.
Model Shape Qty Cranking Depth
BSWPPPP Popper 1  Surface Popper
BSWPPO Oval 1 Surface Popper
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