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Bomber Fat Free Shad Jr Fishing Lure - Dance's Threadfin Shad

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The Bomber Fat Free Shad Jr. is all-around crankbait for any time of year. Its different patterns, smaller body size & 8-12 ft depth works magic on bass.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Bisfenol A which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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Got bass holding in brushpiles along the river channel? How about mainlake points where they drop off into deeper water? Maybe they’re holding in laydowns along a bluff bank. Whenever bass or other gamefish are holding at the right depth, a Fat Free Shad Jr. will get in there and pull them out – without getting snagged. It’s the design of the lip, or paddle, that allows the entire Fat Free Shad family to come through thick cover. Constant pressure normally causes the bait to flip over and around wood that grabs and holds other crankbaits. And with 19 color patterns available, you’ll find several that will work at any time of year on your local waters. Tough and durable components means you’ll get years of successful fishing with the Fat Free Shad Jr. The Fat Free Shad Jr. is another all-around crankbait that works any time of year. As with other baits, baitfish and crawfish patterns are good starting places, but at times the Fire Tiger or Citruse can be real bass-crushers.

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