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Bobby Garland Slab Ticklers

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Bobby Garland Slab Ticklers provides an easy and unique way to add flash, action, and color to any crappie jig. Slab Ticklers are hard-to-find otherwise tiny willow blades, size-0, and size-1, assembled in a 24 piece assortment consisting of three each of four-blade colors: pink, chartreuse, nickel, and gold plated.

Slab Ticklers are easy to use and effective. First, insert the end of your fishing line through the hole in the back of the blade so that the blade slides freely up and down it like a pendant on a necklace. Then, tie the jighead to the line which keeps the Slab Tickler from coming off. When the angler "works" the rod tip, the blade freely "tickles" back and forth around the jighead to get a crappie's attention and direct the fish to the lure.

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