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Bobby Garland Mayfly

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The Bobby Garland Mayfly is an insect-profile crappie bait with realistic features and a natural oil scent that in combination appeal to multiple sensory functions crappie depend on for feeding, including sight, sound, smell and taste. The Mayfly fits most jighead sizes and all crappie fishing techniques.

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The Bobby Garland Mayfly is an insect-profile crappie bait that continues the brand's legacy in product innovation and design excellence specific to the Crappie World. The Mayfly is loaded with features appealing to senses crappie rely on most for feeding. Its distinctive insect shape serves sight. Flexible appendages and tail produce vibrations that crappie "hear." A natural fish-oil enhancement satisfies taste and smell. The combination of all brings the Mayfly to life for strike-triggering action.

The Mayfly not only offers a distinguishable alternative to shad shapes, it also represents a commonly fed-upon group of insects that crappie like. The lure's solid body fits and holds a wide range of jighead sizes and styles, and its streamlined design can be used for every popular crappie fishing technique from jigging to dock shooting to spider rigging. Mayfly rigging and fishing tips can be found at

  • All-seasons 2.25" length
  • Realistic insect profile and features
  • Segmented, long and lively tail
  • Solid body holds jigheads firmly
  • Natural fish-oil scent
  • For jigging, casting, shooting and trolling techniques
  • Unique packaging with snap-close lid
  • High quantity count: 50 per bag
  • Available in solid, laminates and body/tail colors

warning icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including diisononyl phthalate (DINP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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