By Hiro Naito

I have been fortunate enough to meet many legendary lure designers. Cotton Cordell was certainly one of the most amazing designers I have met. When I asked him about his design concept, he always told me that his lures always have a unique “beat” or rhythm.

Take the Boy Howdy, for instance. There are many 4 ½-inch long prop baits, but none are built the same way as the Boy Howdy.

Take a close look at the prop used for the Boy Howdy. The hole isn’t perfectly round. Instead it is oval, which makes the prop rotate out of balance and creates vibration throughout the entire body of the lure.

After learning about this design concept, I made a minor modification on my retrieve method. I combined a short twitch with long steady pull. I sometimes move my Boy Howdy about two feet or so without stopping it. I get violent, exploding strikes when I do this. I always love to see bass explode on topwater lures.

Every angler knows changing the retrieve rhythm can increase the strike rate. But a Boy Howdy gives me more confidence because it produces a unique rhythm all its own.