With the Bassmaster Classic having been last week in Alabama and the BASS Elite Series opening next week in southern Texas, it would have made sense for Terry Scroggins to have skipped this week’s BASS Southern Open event on Florida’s Kissimmee chain of lakes.

Scroggins’ knows the Kissimmee Chain well, though, and he had already won three BASS events in Florida (including one on the same waters), making the allure more than he could resist. Good thing. The Florida pro commonly known as "Big Show" put on yet another big show, weighing in 53 pounds, 10 ounces in three days and winning the $50,000 top prize.

Scroggins, who got only a single day to practice for the tournament because of his participation in the Bassmaster Classic (where he finished seventh), caught the bulk of his fish with an XCalibur Lemon Lime Xr50 Rattle Bait. He also caught several fish on Day Three with a Junebug-colored YUM Houdini Worm.

Both baits work well for fishing hydrilla, which was critical, according to Scroggins, who did all his fishing over hydrilla in the middle of Lake Toho. "The Xr50 is a bait you can work fast, which makes it a good search lure, and it’s ideal for fishing over grass," he said. "I also knew from previous trips that the fish down here absolutely cannot resist that color of Rattle Bait."

While the Xr50 produced Scroggins’ largest fish, a Carolina-rigged Houdini Worm helped him put together a solid limit on Day Three. "I fished it with a ¾-ounce XCalibur Tungsten Weight, and that combination pulls through the grass extremely well," Scroggins said.

Interestingly, Scroggins, who is best known for his ability to flip dense vegetation, used the same Houdini Worm to produce some of the fish he weighed at the Bassmaster Classic last week, fishing it on a drop-shot rig.

The XCalibur Rattle Bait likewise played an interesting part in the last week’s Classic drama. Tim Horton of Muscle Shoals, Ala., used an Xr50 to catch two three-pound spotted bass with a single cast on the second day of the Bassmaster Classic, and the Rattle Bait was Horton’s key fish-catching bait throughout the championship event.