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Norman Speed N Jr

Norman Lures Delivers Smaller Speed N

Learn about the Norman Speed N Jr and its important role for spring bass fishing.

Reeling slowly to tiptoe my bait through the shallow wood I was feeling, I knew my Speed N Jr was in a good place – on the outer edge of what looked like an ideal spawning pocket. When the bait stopped wiggling and began moving sideways on its own, I set the hook with a satisfied smile. When the fish pulled back and I could feel that it was a good one, I’m certain the smile widened.

It was my first time fishing with the new Norman Speed N Jr – maybe my fourth or fifth cast – and the bait performed exactly as intended, deflecting shallow cover, and appealing to a stout spring bass. I was near a parking area at a small public fishing lake that gets a lot of use, fishing a pretty pocket where the bass undeniably see a LOT of lures.

Let’s take a closer look at the Speed N Jr, considering why it was created and how to use it to catch more bass.

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Why the Speed N is So Good for Early Spring Bass Fishing

The Norman Speed N ‘sped’ onto the scene this time a year ago when a few Elite Series anglers used it to success in the super bowl of bass fishing – The Bassmaster’s Classic! There was a ton of factors that went into the design of this crankbait by veteran angler Frank Scalish, but most importantly the timing of the classic played in huge to its success. Everything is timing, certainly with this lure because it might have brought the brand Norman Lures back from the depths.

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