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Jason Christie Landing Bass

Riding With Jason Christie – A Bass Fishing Fan’s Dream Come True

Learn from an in-the-boat account of how Jason Christie attacked an Elite Series tournament day on Florida’s Harris Chain.

I couldn’t sleep! The last time I had been so excited was before fishing my first bass club tournament as a teenager. This time, I had been selected to participate in the BASS Marshal program for the BASS Elite Series Tournament on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Central Florida.

For the first day of the tournament, I had been selected to participate as a Marshal with none other than BOOYAH Pro, Jason Christie. Christie is known as being a quiet but intense competitor. That was fine by me as I am a quiet person, and I knew I would enjoy watching him break down the waters in his own way.

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Jason Christie with spinnerbait bass

How to Choose the Best Spinnerbait for Bass, Every Time

We’ve gleaned expertise from Jason Christie’s many years of refining spinnerbait knowledge to provide you a shortcut to spinnerbait fishing success.

Enjoying consistent success with a spinnerbait for bass is so much more than casting and retrieving. For Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Jason Christie, there is a right time and place for fishing a spinnerbait, and there are several variables to consider when selecting the right spinnerbait. Christie is considered one of the best spinnerbait anglers on the planet, having earned countless dollars in tournament winnings a spinnerbait on the end of his line. Let’s dive into his recipe for success fishing a spinnerbait for bass!

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Creek Smallmouth Fishing Made Easy

The “brown bass”, formally known as the smallmouth bass is one of the greatest natural resources, we have swimming in the waters across our country. Even more special is the fact that this hard-fighting species roams abundantly in the smallest creeks and streams offering excellent wade fishing adventures for anyone who seeks! Finding and catching them though can be a task worth researching though, because smallmouth aren’t everywhere in creeks and won’t bite just any particular lure. A sense of stealth needs to be implied and some fishing skill must be put forth.  I’m going to give you a three-part system in this blog to hopefully provide enough information for you to be successful and have some lasting fun this summer wading creeks for smallmouth bass.

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Best Topwater Bass Lures (Meet the Heddon Spook Family)

The Heddon Spook is probably a familiar name in your household if you are much of a topwater angler. This is because the original Heddon Zara Spook was the first walking topwater lure of all time and has risen to produce many off shoots that are increasingly popular among todays fishermen no matter the species!

In todays blog we are going to outline the entire line of Spooks in today’s portfolio at Heddon and break down where each one is the most productive.

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Spinnerbait Fishing in Moonlight or Muddy Water BOOYAH Covert Series Goes Dark

You read that title correctly. The BOOYAH Covert Series spinnerbait has some new options for when things go “dark.” The new Night Time Series Covert has been added to the line for night fishing or when water gets extremely muddy.

When asking Jason Christie why this addition had to be made to the line, he jokingly said, “to fish at night…”, but after some laughs, he gave me some real knowledge of why this lure had to join the ranks with the other highly successful Covert series models.

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How to Catch More Pre Spawn Bass with Jerkbaits

There is no other lure more synonymous with big bass in the pre-spawn then the suspending jerk bait, and arguably even more so the Smithwick Suspending Rogue in its many varieties and styles! A suspending jerk bait mimics a dying minnow to a tee by giving off struggling movement coupled with dramatic pauses which big bass can’t resist.

In this short blog we are going to give you some helpful tips on how to effectively choose and use the right suspending jerk bait for your type of fishery.

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