How to Catch more Bass from a Kayak: Our Top Tips & Tackle Picks

kayak largemouth bass

Kayak bass fishing can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if you are catching fishing. Learn how to put more fish in your kayak.

Even after many years of recreational and tournament kayak bass fishing, there are days when it can be a struggle to catch fish. Typically, I end up finding and catching bass, but occasionally, it just doesn’t work out. That’s OK. It’s still been a great day fishing in the kayak.

Whether you’ve been bass fishing for a while or are about to hit the water for your first kayak outing, catching these elusive fish can present a challenge, and kayak bass fishing differs from fishing from a larger boat or from the bank. Don’t get frustrated or give up. Bass fishing is supposed to be challenging, and the challenge is part of what makes it fun!

These kayak fishing tips, developed through trial and error and much time spent on the water, can help make your kayak bass fishing outings more fruitful.

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The 5 Best Ways to Rig a Soft Plastic Crawfish for Bass

Bass on YUM Christie Craw

Crawfish-imitating soft plastic lures are incredibly versatile and imitate highly favored bass forage. We’ll look at the advantage of five top rigging techniques.

Soft plastic crawfish are among the best lures for catching big bass, whether you’re on a massive reservoir targeting largemouths or a small stream chasing smallmouths. Even spotted bass love crayfish. Everything does, it seems, which is what makes them so effective with so many different techniques.

Crawfish lures come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs. You can get tiny craws for small jigheads to throw on wadable streams and catch a zillion hungry bass, or you can get some monstrous craw imitations to fish around wood and vegetation for big brutes. If a soft plastic crawfish can even get to the bottom of a top smallmouth fishery, such as on one of the Great Lakes, it won’t take long for a bronzeback to nosh on it.

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Discontinued Fishing Lures: How the Boss Saved the 2-Inch BOOYAH Boss Pop

smallmouth bass on Boss Pop

If you ever scratch your head when your favorite fishing lure becomes a discontinued fishing lure and then hard to find, you’re not alone!

Making emotional decisions sometimes isn’t smart. Making emotional decisions when you are running a company can be downright dumb. So, call me dumb, but I made the emotional decision a few years ago to not allow my favorite topwater lure, the 2-inch BOOYAH Boss Pop, to become a discontinued fishing lure.

In the fishing lure business, we frequently have what we call a “discontinued list.” This means these lures for whatever reason didn’t sell enough over a certain period of time, so they end up becoming discontinued fishing lures.

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Bomber Introduces Next Generation of Crankbaits

river smallmouth on Bomber crankbait

Learn about spectacular new colors of a dozen proven Bomber crankbait models at a substantially lower price.

If “too much of a good thing” really was a problem, Bomber Lures would be in trouble. Not only has Bomber created fabulous new pro-designed colors for 10 of its most proven crankbait models, but technological advances have allowed Bomber to offer its next generation of Bomber Crankbaits at a substantially reduced price of $3.99, creating outstanding value on timeless baits.

Bomber crankbaits available in new colors and next gen versions include the Flat A, Deep Flat A and four models each from the Model A and Fat Free Shad series. The colors, created by legendary lure painter and former Elite Series Pro, Frank Scalish, all imitate important bass forage and were designed to meet specific niches.

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How to Dial in your Offshore Bass Fishing with Deep Diving Crankbaits

largemouth bass on deep crankbait

Learn to locate summer bass on offshore structure and how to use deep-diving crankbaits to tap into hot fishing action throughout summer.

The heat of summer delivers a delightful thing to anglers. Bass schooled up on offshore structure. These fish will succumb to various lures, but nothing fires up a school quite like a crankbait! Master offshore bass fishing by learning to locate bass on deep structure and using deep diving crankbaits to tap into outstanding fishing action.

All About Location

The best deep diving crankbait fishing locations couple ideal structure with favorable cover. And, yes, there’s a difference.

Bass use cover wherever they can find it – shallow, deep or in between. Brushpiles, aquatic vegetation, trees, boulders, docks and even the occasional sunken automobile provide predator species like largemouth and smallmouth bass with concealment for ambushing baitfish and other forage, along with other advantages.

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How to Choose the Best Frog Bait for Every Situation

Frog Lure on Grass Mat

Frog baits, which call up some of the most explosive action in bass fishing, come in a range of sizes and styles. Learn to choose the best frog for the day.

Sudden, violent surface strikes are the trademark of frog lure fishing and a major appeal of this style of fishing. As importantly, though, frogs are exceptionally productive and prompt outstanding bass action in broad range of situations from mid-summer all the way until the end of autumn.

Ongoing advancement of frog lures in recent years has added even more applications for tying on a frog. Looking at the BOOYAH Pad Crasher series, as an example, what began with a single, hollow-bodied frog now includes six different frog lures, each of which is available in broad range of colors.

Primary styles include the original Pad Crasher, the Poppin’ Pad Crasher, which has a cupped face that pops and spits, and the Toad Runner, which has spinning plastic tail that churns the water like a buzzbait. All three primary styles also come in a smaller Jr version.

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Gene Larew Introduces Flipping Biffle Bug

Tommy Biffle with largemouth bass

A variation of the original Biffle Bug, the newest offering from Gene Larew was created specifically for flipping and pitching applications.

Tommy Biffle has been flipping a Biffle Bug since Day 1 of the iconic bait that bears his name. If fact, he was flipping and pitching a Biffle Bug into cover before the creation of the Biffle HardHead that he most commonly matches with a Bug. And while he still flips the original Biffle Bug and catches big bass that way, for some time now, he has wanted a creature bait built from the Biffle Bug template and designed specifically for flipping and pitching.

Folks at Gene Larew knew to listen to Biffle and worked with him to create the bait he was seeking. The result was the new Flipping Biffle Bug!

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3 Wacky Rig Variations for Spring Bass

bass caught on flick shake rig

The traditional wacky rig, neko rig and flick shake rig are similar in ways, but each is distinctive. Learn when to choose each and how to use all to catch more bass.

You know the wacky rig, and you’ve likely at least heard talk about the neko rig and flick shake rig. You may not know that neko and flick shake rigs are variations of a wacky rig, each with different applications but with definite similarities.

Seeking a better understanding of these three highly effective rigs and when to use each for early spring bass fishing, we went straight to Frank Scalish, best known in the bass fishing world as Uncle Frank. The popular host of Day 4 on Bass Talk Live and former Bassmaster Elite Series pro uses all three rigs at times, with the depth of the water he is working being the largest determinant of which one he picks up.

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Bass Fishing 101: Matching the Hatch on Crawfish Colors

crawfish color crankbaits

Learning more about crawfish colors based on region, conditions and season can help you catch more bass.       

Former Bassmaster Elite Series pro Frank Scalish, who now designs baits for Norman Lures and other brands available on, is fanatical about matching the hatch. An artist with an airbrush, the Ohioan obsesses over paint colors and schemes that precisely mimic whatever forage the bass favor. Scalish’s attention to every detail and deep experience make him the ideal Bass Fishing 101 instructor on the topic of crawfish colors.

When Scalish creates crawfish colors for crankbaits, he becomes especially dogmatic because he strives to replicate the various crayfish species in different regions of the country.

“Certain crayfish dominate in certain parts of the country,” Scalish said. “For example, crayfish in Texas and Louisiana are all variants of red. The rusty crayfish is native to the Ohio River Basin. It has rust or orange-colored makings on its sides. The rest of that craw is green pumpkin or an almost blackish green pumpkin.”

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The Top 3 Ways to Fish Single Swimbaits for Big Bass

YUM Scottsboro Swimbait Single Jighead

Fishing a single swimbait can be absolutely deadly almost anytime of year. They excel due to their ability to closely match up with the favorite forage of bass, shad and minnows. This is from their plastic composition and action, but they are also a great choice because of their ease of fishability, in most cases anglers can simply cast and wind to catch fish.

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