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Spinnerbait Fishing in Moonlight or Muddy Water BOOYAH Covert Series Goes Dark

You read that title correctly. The BOOYAH Covert Series spinnerbait has some new options for when things go “dark.” The new Night Time Series Covert has been added to the line for night fishing or when water gets extremely muddy.

When asking Jason Christie why this addition had to be made to the line, he jokingly said, “to fish at night…”, but after some laughs, he gave me some real knowledge of why this lure had to join the ranks with the other highly successful Covert series models.

Christie explained that this spinnerbait is perfect for night fishing, of course, but also great in super muddy water. But why in muddy water?

“You see black/blue in jigs and bladed jigs like the Melee catching a lot of fish, but why not a spinnerbait?” said Christie, who has been utilizing a night time spinnerbait for years to catch bass out of dirty water because it offers such a bold profile and huge thump for bass to find easily with their lateral lines.

What options are there?

The new line comes with four spinnerbait selections. They are offered in two colors and in ½ oz. and ¾ oz. sizes. These are the two most popular sizes for fishing at night, and those most commonly used in the early spring for slow rolling a spinnerbait in dirty water.

Two color combinations are available, and they start with an all-black model, featuring a black anodized Hildebrandt blade as well as an elegant black silicone skirt and painted-to-match head. This option works best fished at night without the moon present, or for fishing in muddy water with no sun. The other model is a black/red combination with a red painted head and a red anodized Hildebrandt blade with a flowing black/red skirt color. This style is best fished at night when the moon is out and for fishing in muddy water while the sun is out bright. Both options feature all the premium components synonymous with the Covert series models that have been previously released.

Where do you fish these?

This is probably the next question on your mind, because it is way different than most other spinnerbaits lining pegs in tackle stores. If you’re an experienced night fisherman, you probably already have some on order and know exactly where you’re going to toss them, but for other people, they might be wondering.

For night fishing these models work best fished over deep brush off the bank, grass lines, or other submerged cover that holds bass at night. The smaller size also works great for going down shallow banks at night to ambush bass moving up to feed.

For fishing in muddy water, you want to target traditional shallow targets like you would with a jig or bladed jig. This can be shallow wood cover, rock, or grass. This spinnerbait just gives you the best option to really provoke bass into biting in dark water because of the thumping blade and dark silhouette it puts off.

Just like all the other Covert models, the new Night Time Series is a tool to further broaden anglers’ arsenals. It’s one you definitely want to have tied on in a night tournament or when the water has muddied up in the spring, and it’s almost a guarantee the bass haven’t seen it!

You can find the new Covert Nighttime series on!