Sometimes small baits can pack a surprisingly big punch, and Booyah’s Pond Magic Buzz is one of those lures, according to Booyah ambassador Scott Larsen.

Larsen, a topwater specialist, says the 1/8-ounce lure is his all-around favorite buzzbait, in fact. “Many times a full-size buzz is just too much for the fish, especially for bass in smaller waters,” he said. “Its larger profile and strong surface commotion can intimidate fish. That’s when you see wakes or shadows actually moving away from the bait.”

And that’s when the little lure’s more subtle action shines, according to the angler. “Though it’s small and lightweight, the surface disturbance it creates makes it look bigger than it is,” he said, “yet it’s still less noisy and that sometimes triggers big bass. In fact, I’ve caught 6- and 7-pound fish on the Pond Magic. Citrus Shad is the most productive pattern in my local waters. Its painted blade is less flashy than a chrome blade, and I think that helps, too.”

The Florida angler fishes the Pond Magic on 15-pound low-vis green mono, and said the key is to make a slow retrieve. “Hold the rodtip high at first and reel just fast enough to keep the bait on the surface. Lower the tip as the lure approaches the boat. And don’t be afraid to give it a twitch, or stop the retrieve, to make it appear injured. When a bass does strike, just make a firm sweepset to bury the hook.”

He also recommends applying an attractor scent to the skirt. “At times you can see bass following a buzzbait without striking,” he said. “Adding scent just gives the lure a little more appeal and turns many of those followers into biters.”

While Larsen doesn’t hesitate to throw the diminutive buzzbait anytime or anywhere, certain situations make it a must-fish lure. “When you see baitfish breaking the surface, or dragonflies flying close to the water, that’s the perfect time to cast this lure.”