The spawning cycle of the largemouth bass presents several unique windows of opportunity from the prespawn feeding frenzy to the nest defending stage and then into what’s called the postspawn. Having fasted during the strenuous spawn, big female bass will need to feed up to regain their weight before heading to deep summer haunts.

However, when the fish first come off the beds, they’re often so tired and disheveled  that they just want to drop into some more comfortable water and chill. That’s not to say the fish won’t bite right after spawning — it’s simply a tougher sell

A couple of strategy points can help you bring the postspawn picture into focus. First, the fish tend to find particular habitat features that they like, as opposed to scattering across the perimeter of the spawning flats that they’ve recently departed. It may be a rock, wood or grassy point; or, it may be a depth zone where the majority of fish will stage.

The key is to cover water with moving baits like a Bandit 200 or a Norman Lures Flat Broke until you pick up a fish here and there. Postspawners may be very specific on their color preference, so try several until the fish tip their hand. Careful attention to bite locations will likely reveal a replicable pattern.

Postspawn fish will often make you work for the bites, but once you dial in their preference, it can be lights-out.