By Hiro Naito

"How do you pick the color of the lure?" is the probably the top question new anglers ask. 

Do you pick the color of the lure based on the baitfish in the water? Or do you pick the color with other reasons?

When it comes to jerkbait, Smithwick Rattlin' Rogue does not need any introduction as lots of bass fisherman already know fish-catching ability of this lure. When you check the color selection on this lure in catalog, you will find a pattern called Clown. This color does not look line anything living in the water, but it will catch fish so well. I believe one of the reasons is it is easy to see.

This was proven to me during an early winter fishing in Florida after couple cold snaps. I was using Bomber 14A Orange Back with Gold Prism inside. It was a special color made a few times. I caught 18 bass in half a day fishing. It was a good fishing day. But what surprised me was that among 18 bass I caught, I only felt two strikes through fishing rod. For all other bass, I saw my lure disappear from my sight or line jumped little bit. If I concentrated on strikes through the fishing rod, I would not have caught most of those bass. If I am lucky, some of those bass may hang themselves up but I am sure not all. So, seeing the lure gave me the edge to catch bass that otherwise I would not know they were biting.

Bomber Lures came out with Orange Crush for 14A. This is very close color to I was using that day. I know this color goes into my tackle box with confidence. When you take a look at any company producing minnow lures, they will have some color which is easy to spot but not likely matching baitfish. I assume the reason is for the fisherman like me depending on their sight to catch bass. Oh, you will need a good pair of polarized sunglasses to see what going on under water!