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Paint Shop Spotlight Norman Deep Tiny N Polished Craw Bait School Bite Spec

Bait School Bite Spec

Lure: The Norman Deep Tiny N in Polished Craw


When: Early Spring/Spring

Where: Highland Reservoirs, River Systems (Lake Tenkiller, Grand Lake)

Why? The extremely small stature of the Deep Tiny N makes it an excellent choice for pre-spawn cranking and the best “starting point” for any angler confused on which crankbait to choose. Due to its small size it appeals to a wide range of bass big or small and can reach a depth of over 6 feet deep, perfect for bass tempted to move up shallow. The pattern Polished Craw is perfect for stained or muddy water because it puts off such a bright flash with its almost chartreuse body. Tie it on, crank it down, catch some bass!

How to Fish: Find a stretch of shallow bank or sloping rock bank near spawning areas and chunk this bad boy! Equipment needs to be downsized to spinning tackle or small medium action baitcasting set ups due to its small size. The bill on the Deep Tiny N allows it to maneuver expertly over cover so don’t be afraid to throw in the heart of a tree or brush pile laying on a bank.

Look for obvious fish holding structure for this time of year, such as: flooded trees, rip rap banks, stumps, laydowns, and steep rock banks.

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