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Paint Shop Spotlight Bandit Flat Maxx Bullfighter Bait School Bite Spec

Bait School Bite Spec

Lure: The Bandit Flat Maxx in Bullfighter


When: Early Spring/Winter

Where: Highland Reservoirs, River Systems (Lake Degray, Ouachita River)

Why? Flat sides and a coffin bill make for a pretty unique running shallow crankbait! The Bandit Flat Maxx has a super tight wiggle with a bold rattle system that can come through virtually any type of shallow cover. Perfect for cranking wind blown banks in the pre spawn when bass are weary and poking around looking for an easy meal. The color it’s wrapped in might be one of the top designs to ever come out of the Lurenet Paint Shop. Bullfighter is a traditional pre spawn pattern with deep reds and oranges that bass key in on this time of year but it also features some notable splatter accents to really set it off!

How to Fish: Find a stretch of shallow bank with rock or wood structure and let her rip! Cast this baby on 10-12 lb. fluorocarbon on a slow moving reel and just burn the bank over shallow structure. Bites will come once you have identified the right cover holding bass, and get ready because a pattern will develop!

Look for obvious fish holding structure for this time of year, such as: flooded trees, rip rap banks, stumps, laydowns, and submergent grass.

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