Saltwater fishing offers plenty of suspense, but sometimes baits that suspend are just part of the drama.

Two good options for live and artificial baits are the Thill floats and Bomber Saltwater Grade Paradise Popper X-Treme. Pro Capt. Chris Holleman points out a few key considerations.

Thill floats, with their long, narrow profile are easier to cast under docks than the Paradise Poppers X-Tremes, which require a dangling leader tied to the end of their cork/clacking bead stem. However, Holleman finds that Thill floats work best with monofilament, so he can’t horse the fish out from under a dock.

Holleman also likes the sliding Thill float because a simple stop knot adjustment allows him to fish a dock’s deeper end.

Shallow depths of 6 feet or less are where Holleman finds the Paradise Popper X-Treme excels. Here, the clacker draws fish up from the bottom to find his suspended shrimp or finger mullet. Rigging this float on braided line enables him to put the pressure on hooked fish.

To protect his rod tip, Holleman rigs a bead on his main line above the Paradise Popper X-Treme.