When you think of bass movements into and out of the creeks and coves that serve their spring reproductive needs and their fall feeding needs, it’s important to understand that these seasonal travels take place along specific and well-defined paths. Specifically, the bass trace the same ditches and drains every year.

Safety, security, and recognizable routes — that’s what these ditches mean to bass. The fish may rise to chase bait along the shallower edges, or gorge on a surfacing pod of forage, but they won’t stray far from the familiarity of the path instinct tells them to follow.

When fishing ditches, a diverse arsenal will keep you in the game no matter the fish’s mood. For an aggressive approach during a warming trend, throw that Booyah spinnerbait with double Colorado blades or pester the fish with a Booyah One Knocker lipless crankbait.

If a less-intrusive approach seems more fitting, send in a Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue and show the fish various twitch-pause cadences until you dial in something that consistently delivers. You might also try slow rolling a YUM Money Minnow swimbait on a jig head sized appropriately for the relevant depth.

Lastly, you can usually count on a few bites with a Booyah Pigskin Jig fitted with a YUM Christie Craw. Rumbling along the bottom of the ditch, this presentation is sure to interest those bass holding low and looking for crawfish.