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Cotton Cordell Classic Returns

Some lures don’t get talked about much, but not because they don’t produce fish. In truth, the opposite situation sometimes prompts silence. Because certain lures catch so many fish, anglers in the know want to keep their secret a secret. That is, until such a lure goes out of production because not enough anglers knew of its magic. Then everyone starts talking about that lure, clamoring for its return, and the longer it remains gone, the louder the chatter grows.

Such is been the story of Cotton Cordell’s Tail Weighted Boy Howdy, and the buzz from fishermen all over the nation eventually grew so loud that Cotton Cordell decided to bring back this topwater classic, which has been described “the most effective do-nothing lure ever created.”

Unlike the traditional Boy Howdy, the Tail Weighted Boy Howdy has no blades. It is a pencil-style topwater lure, and tail weighting makes it stand up when not in motion. Rod twitches enact a subtle tipping, jumping and spitting action that mimics a fleeing shad or wounded minnow and triggers attacks from fish that won’t touch noisier and more aggressive surface lures.

The Tail Weighted Boy Howdy is especially popular for targeting schooling bass and stripers, but it’s an excellent option anytime the water is slick or ultra-clear or when bluebird skies or heavy fishing pressure make the fish fussier than normal.

The Tail Weighted Boy Howdy is 4 ½ inches long, weighs 3/8 ounce and is equipped with No. 4 short-shank treble hooks. It is available in 10 baitfish-imitating colors.

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