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Bobby Garland Announces New Mayfly Crappie Bait

Learn about the Mayfly, an innovative new crappie bait to be released by Bobby Garland this summer.

Great fishing secrets are hard to keep, and word has gotten out that a new Bobby Garland bait – The Mayfly – is on schedule to “hatch” in July. So rather than letting rumors confuse the facts, here are full details about this cool creation in advance of its summer availability.

The Mayfly is a 2.25-inch insect-profile design that stays true to Bobby Garland’s reputation of product innovation specific to crappie fishing. This new soft-plastic bait is loaded with features appealing to multiple senses crappie rely on for feeding.

The Mayfly’s distinctive silhouette serves the species’ focus on vision and sight. The bait’s flexible appendages and tail produce vibrations that crappie can “hear.” The lure’s light fish-oil enhancement satisfies smell and taste. Collectively, these features bring the Mayfly to life.

The importance of lure profiles for triggering strikes from stubborn crappie has been brought to light thanks to forward-facing sonar’s popularity in crappie fishing. The technology has allowed anglers to witness firsthand how crappie react – or fail to react – to different lure offerings. The Mayfly not only offers a distinguishable alternative to shad shapes, but it represents another common prey group for crappie: insects.  

The Mayfly’s solid body accommodates a wide range of jighead styles and sizes, from 1/32-ounce up. The bait’s elongated tail is segmented with outer rings for strength, and tapers to an end fitted with spindly twin appendages that wiggle enticingly, even at rest. 

The Mayfly’s streamline design makes it a versatile choice suitable for a wide variety of crappie fishing techniques, including finesse jigging, dock shooting and spider rigging, to name a few.

Bobby Garland MayflyBobby Garland Mayfly

Among the 12 colors offered are solids, laminates and body/tail combinations, including Bobby Garland favorites Blue Ice, Bluegrass, Cajun Cricket, Chartreuse Red Glitter, Electric Chicken, Mayfly, Monkey Milk and Mo’ Glo Green Lantern. There are also four new colors exclusive to the Mayfly series: Spring Fling, Neon Nymph, White Ice and Mo’ Glo Glow Worm.

Also unique to the series is the Mayfly’s special packaging, featuring a snap-close hinged lid, pleated sides for roominess in protection of lure shape and appendages, and a high quantity of 50 baits.

The Mayfly 50-count bag will retail for around $9.99.

Bobby Garland Mayfly colorsBobby Garland Mayfly colors