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Paint Shop Spotlight: Bomber Deep Flat A Crawnifiscent - Bait School Bite Spec

Time: Early Winter

Place: Highland reservoirs

Lure: The Bomber Deep Flat A in Crawnifiscent

Notable features: The Deep Flat A boasts a flat sided body that provides a unique tight action on the retrieve and can dive to over 8 feet deep on a normal cast. The exclusive color “Crawnifiscent” border lines some of the best custom paint schemes in the country and mimics perfectly several types of small crawdads on clear water reservoirs or rivers. The subtle brown body combined with unique crackle lines and bold orange markings scream the little creatures that move about as we pick up rocks along the bank.

How to fish: The Bomber Deep Flat A is a hybrid between a shad type crankbait and your traditional medium divers. The best technique to fish it is to use either a spinning rod spooled with 10 lb. fluorocarbon or a casting rod with the same line, but the rod must be quite parabolic to be able to cast the light weight lure a good distance. It’s a simple cast and retrieve lure, but unlike most crankbaits this lure doesn’t have to be in constant contact with the bottom. Due to the extremely subtle action this lure can just be reeled through different water columns to coax bass into biting.

Look for obvious fish holding structure for this time of year, such as: rocky banks, shallow wood, standing timber, and main lake points to be your primary target points. Also, don’t forget to just chunk and wind around channel swings and other deep water areas that might have suspended fish nearby.

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