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Best Topwater Bass Lures (Meet the Heddon Spook Family)

The Heddon Spook is probably a familiar name in your household if you are much of a topwater angler. This is because the original Heddon Zara Spook was the first walking topwater lure of all time and has risen to produce many off shoots that are increasingly popular among todays fishermen no matter the species!

In todays blog we are going to outline the entire line of Spooks in today’s portfolio at Heddon and break down where each one is the most productive.

  1. Original Heddon Zara Spook

The Zara Spook is where it all began for topwater walking baits, seriously this is the first ever of its kind! It was originally crafted by Heddon in the 1940’s and was named a “Spook” because it was made of a clear plastic that made it look like a little ghost. The Zara Spook still dons similar hardware to the early days of its design and still walks just as fashionably as when it was first created. The Zara comes in at 4.5 inches long and weighs in at a perfect ¾ of an ounce making it very easy to cast even on a windy day. The real upside to this model however is that it features no rattle system like many of the other spooks, so it walks silently making it a great option for pressured fish or clear water.

  1. Zara Puppy

The Zara Puppy is a cute little plug that is adorned with the famous Zara franchise and is a great option for catching all species of fish that will hit on top. It is a carbon copy of its larger compadre, the Zara Spook but just shrunk down to a morsel at 3 inches long. Don’t be fooled by its stature, this little spook can walk effortlessly just like the big boys. It can sometimes be cumbersome to cast though, so I recommend pairing it with a spinning rod to better utilize the bite size lure. The puppy fits in perfectly on clear bodies of water with small shad forage such as Ozark impoundments, ponds, and creeks.

  1. Wounded Zara Spook

A delightful twist on the classic Zara Spook is found with the Wounded Zara. This bulbous spook family member features a loud rattle and blades on the nose and tail to cause water disturbance as the bait walks back and forth. Perfect for windy days or for drawing up larger predators such as striped bass or muskie!

  1. Super Spook and Super Spook Jr

In my opinion, these two models are the crown jewels of the Heddon line. These are the rockstars that are typically seen on the headlines of big bass tournaments for producing wins. Both the Super Spook and Super Spook Jr were brought to the Heddon line in the late 90’s when a need for an updated spook came about and Heddon answered with perfection. What they brought forth was two models built in the same shape as the original Zara but with updated hardware, a loud one knocking rattle and premier paint schemes. The Super Spook is larger offering at 5 inches and weighing a full ounce and is perfect for reaching distant schooling fish and for matching larger shad forage. The Super Spook Jr is a smaller 3.5 inches and weighs a ½ oz. but can easily be cast across the lake thanks to the rattle system. The Jr is perfect for matching up to smaller shad or for pressured fisheries that see tons of lures. Each version has a saltwater series that comes adorned with saltwater hardware and in paint schemes to match inshore prey. Also, note that both of these models come in a special feather dressed series for maximum attention while on top!

  1. Chug N Spook and Chug N Spook Jr

The Chug N Spook and Chug N Spook Jr fill a niche that happens often when throwing a spook, and that is when conditions get a little awry with wind or rain. When there is a little chop on the water it can make it hard for fish to see a regular spook walking on top. So, the magicians at Heddon brought about the Chug N series that is basically a Super Spook and Jr with a cupped lip to pick up water as they walk to create more disturbance. These models are also found in saltwater versions that destroy inshore species when the winds pick up.

  1. One Knocker and Rattlin’ Spook

Another jewel among the Heddon line is the One Knocker and Rattlin’ Spook models. These awesome ideas came about when big bass anglers requested a slightly smaller model than the Super Spook but with loud rattle systems to bring bass to the top. The One Knocker features a loud lead rattle that sends a beckoning call to bass in any water clarity. The Rattlin’ Spook has a series of small BB’s inside its cavity that cause it to have a very shrill rattle to mimic fleeing baitfish. The One Knocker proves more valuable when a slower walking presentation is needed to bring bass up and the Rattlin’ version is perfect for schooling bass or when a fast walking action is required.

  1. Super Spook XT

The XT or extra tough model of Super Spook is one for the most aggressive fish out there whether it be in salt or fresh water. The XT is around the same size as the traditional Super Spook but built with strengthened hardware to handle toothy critters and hard fighters like Muskie and inshore Striped bass. It has the same easy walking characteristics but delivers an added presence to entice larger bites.

That is ten total Heddon spook varieties we have listed that encompass every situation you could come across with topwater fishing.

One question you might have after reading all the different varieties is why is the spook such a popular lure? Well, it just works if that is a plausible answer. The spook in all its varieties always walks perfectly right out of the package and its unique sliding action tricks fish of all species into coming to the top. For ages it has been a mainstay in tournament or leisurely fishing, and I know it will continue to be for many generations.

You can find all the spook varieties in every color imaginable on!