By Hiro Naito

When you take a look inside of other fishermen’s tackle boxes, there are certain types of lures you will always find. One of them is a lipless crankbait. Castability, ease of use, fish-locating ability and catching ability are the reason anglers love them.

Lipless crankbaits produce a high pitch and tight vibration from the water pressure applied on its back. The original idea of this type lure started in North Carolina around late 1940s. But it did not work well. One of the early pioneers in this design was the Heddon Super Sonic introduced back in 1957. Then, others follow like Cotton Cordell’s Hot Spot, Bomber’s 3R and so on.

There is The Ugly Duckling in this category. That is Heddon’s Bayou Boogie. When you take a look this lure from the side, its shape will look like a typical lipless crankbait. But the history reveals the location and the target fish this lure was designed for was totally different from all other lipless crankbait.

The Bayou Boogie (same shape, but different name back then) was originally developed by Fred Nichols back in 1930s in Corpus Christi, Texas. This lure was developed for inshore saltwater game fish such as speckled trout.

One of the unique features on this lure is the line eye location and how it is constructed. Most lipless crankbaits have a perpendicular flat surface against the line eye to create water pressure for lure’s vibrating action. The Bayou Boogie’s line eye is located at the point with no perpendicular flat surface. This is the reason why Bayou Boogies can be cranked faster with super-tight vibrating action. Also, this lure will dart from side to side when it is twitched and jerked. The designer must built this precise detail into this lure. When this lure sinks down to the bottom, it will not lay flat. It will lean to either side, but it will stay half way. Because of this, it will take off like a shrimp trying to escape from predators when the lure is twitched or jerked.

The Bayou Boogie with a bottom-hopping retrieving method will always do wonders. It is truly one of a kind lipless crankbait.