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Paint Shop Spotlight: Bandit 100 Baby Shad - Bait School Bite Spec

Bait School Bite Spec

Lure: Bandit 100 – Baby Shad


When: Fall, Spring, Summer

Where: Highland reservoirs, river systems, natural lakes (Table Rock Lake, Arkansas River, Mille Lacs)


The Bandit 100 easily catches gamefish of all species, basically all year long! Its small profile makes it a snackable choice for all shad or crawfish eaters worldwide, and its stout square lip helps it to slip through rough cover.

The color addition “Baby Shad” embodies all the properties necessary for a suitable meal for bass, crappie, walleye or any species that eats minnows or small bait. It started out as a pearl body and we added bright cheeks and gill plates for a wounded look, a checkered back to resemble gizzards and then added in some yellow accents along the body to closely resemble threadfin varieties.

Perfect for cranking rocks or other shallow cover such as laydowns in river systems, lakes, ponds or other bodies of water. Luckily due to its unique color way it can be thrown with ease in dirty, clean, or slightly stained water. It’s best when cast on a spinning rod or lighter action casting rod with 8-12 lb. fluorocarbon line.

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