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Bruce Stanton

Alaska steelhead

Thill for a Thrill on the Situk River

Learn about a world-class steelhead fishing destination in Southeast Alaska.

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early winter crankbait bass


It’s Thanksgiving Week, and it’s time to give thanks.

If you fish, you are thankful for many things. Here are a few things I’m thankful for this time of year:

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morning topwater bass

Boss Pop Rules the Morning

Follow these six tips to add explosive topwater bass fishing action to your morning routine.

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bass fishing

What is the Best Color of Soft Plastic Lure for Catching Bass?

Learn why an Arkansas football coach and veteran angler has a tackle box marked “TD Junebug” and how you can use his bass fishing strategy for the win.

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smallmouth bass on Boss Pop

Discontinued Fishing Lures: How the Boss Saved the 2-Inch BOOYAH Boss Pop

If you ever scratch your head when your favorite fishing lure becomes a discontinued fishing lure and then hard to find, you’re not alone!

Making emotional decisions sometimes isn’t smart. Making emotional decisions when you are running a company can be downright dumb. So, call me dumb, but I made the emotional decision a few years ago to not allow my favorite topwater lure, the 2-inch BOOYAH Boss Pop, to become a discontinued fishing lure.

In the fishing lure business, we frequently have what we call a “discontinued list.” This means these lures for whatever reason didn’t sell enough over a certain period of time, so they end up becoming discontinued fishing lures.

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wade fishing smallmouth bass

Must Know Wade Fishing Tips: How to Catch MORE Fish on Mid-Summer Streams

Want to find hot fishing action this summer? Follow these tips formed from many years of wade-fishing in streams and learn how to catch more fish.

It’s never too hot to go fishing, especially when you are wade-fishing streams.
Even when the temps reach more than 100 degrees, stream fish will still bite. They were designed to eat!

Here are a few rules of thumb to help you catch fish during the heat of summer while wade fishing.

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