Guide To Frog Lures For Bass Fishing

April 18, 2013

There are hollow-body frogs, hard-plastic frogs, frogs that pop and spit, soft-plastic frogs…so many choices that anglers may have a difficult time selecting the right one for the job. Here’s a brief rundown of when and where to use each type of frog lure to catch big bass.


Three Best Lures for Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass

April 16, 2013

You’ve likely heard chatter about smallmouth bass growth rates in Lake Erie’s eastern basin and the big numbers of oversized bronzebacks caught-and-released by anglers each spring. Most of it’s true, there are few places on earth where you can catch as many big smallies as here, and it’s something you need to experience.


Jason Christie's Best Jerkbait Advice

April 12, 2013

B.A.S.S. Elite and FLW Tour pro angler Jason Christie learned the magic of jerkbaiting bass long ago and has been perfecting the art since. Here he outlines the keys to selection and presentation to put the jerk to work for you.


Bed, Bass and Beyond

April 8, 2013

Many anglers can’t figure out the human spawning process, much less that of a largemouth bass, but understanding when and where the fish spawn is essential to bass fishing success in the spring.


River Hotspots For Springtime Largemouth Bass

April 3, 2013

During the summer, fall and winter, river bass can be pretty easy to locate and catch. But come springtime and it gets a little tougher. Here are four spots to check on your local river this spring.


When and Where Do Shad and Bluegill Spawn?

April 1, 2013

Bass anglers can lose focus after the fish leave the beds. Anglers knew what to do as the fish went through the prespawn and actual spawn, but 10 days later these same anglers can be confused, zipping from one spot to the next like water bugs. It’s this postspawn period, prior to the fish setting up on established summertime areas, that throws a monkey wrench into bass fishing.


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