Jerkbaits After the Spawn

March 30, 2012

A jerkbait can be used year-round. One of the most overlooked times is in the spring after the spawn. The Bomber Long A is deadly when twitched on the surface when females are guarding fry. The females think the jerkbait is a predator looking for an easy lunch. The females will often hit the bait aggressively to kill it. The jerkbait also is a great bait to pitch around laydowns and boat docks for reaction bites. Professional angler John Gray won a national championship using this technique.


Ding 'Em Up

March 22, 2012

The YUM Dinger line of soft plastics have done more for my fishing than any other bait on the market. I rig a YUM Dinger wacky style during the postspawn. I use a spinning rod and skip the bait right under docks and overhanging trees.


Walleyes At Night

March 21, 2012

Have you ever looked deep into the eyes of a Walleye? Compared to eyes of other fish, a walleye’s is a bit odd looking, kind of glassy like a marble. It gets even stranger at night, when they seem to glow. That’s because a walleye’s eye has a unique membrane, sort of like a cat’s eye, that allows them to capture every bit of available light and use it to see when other fish can’t. This explains why some of the very best walleye fishing happens at night. Because they are actively feeding, nighttime walleyes are often on the move, chasing schools of baitfish.


When a Spoon is More than a Spoon

March 14, 2012

Lots of folks fish jigging spoons. Almost all fish them the same way. Find fish on the depth finder, drop a spoon on their heads and jig up and down. I prefer to stay to the side of fish, rather than on top of them. So, I have found a way to fish the Cotton Cordell C.C. Spoon without getting on top of the fish. Very simply, I cast it. It has been working for me, every summer and every winter, for over 15 years. And it works at times in spring and fall. Basically, it works anytime that bass are schooled up and feeding on shad.


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