One Time, One Place for Alabama Largemouth

January 22, 2014

If you could be on the water in Alabama only one week out of the year and wanted the best largemouth fishing for numbers and quality, where would you go and what would you throw? It’s a tough question, given the ample opportunities for great largemouth bass fishing on the Tennessee River in north Alabama. The state has four impoundments -- Guntersville, Wheeler, Wilson and Pickwick -- along the 652-mile long river that snakes through Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. You can’t overlook famed Lake Eufaula, either, for outstanding largemouth bass fishing.


Why I’m Bully on the Wooly Bug

January 15, 2014

Load the boat with tons of tackle trays if you like, but the YUM Wooly Bug simplifies most of my on-the-water decision-making. Day in and day out, I flip and pitch and punch with only two baits: a jig and the Yum Wooly Bug. I use the Wooly Bug in other ways, too, as I will explain, but the simple truth is that after the spawn, I probably rely upon the Wooly Bug more than I do any other lure.


Three New Ways To Use Old Soft Plastic Rigs

January 10, 2014

If you call yourself a bass fisherman you know the three basic soft-plastic rigs, the two named after states and the one that’s wacky. Each has traditional retrieves and functions, but some pros use them in unique ways. Here are tricks pro anglers use with common rigs to catch more bass.


Best Time, Best Place To Catch Giant Alabama Spotted Bass

January 3, 2014

Talk with a bass fisherman and mention big spotted bass, and likely one of the first fisheries that comes up in discussion will be the Coosa River that snakes through east-central Alabama. Not just any spotted bass, either. No, the ones found in the Coosa are not like their more prolific cousins, the Kentucky spot. The Alabama spotted bass was formally recognized in 2010 as its own sub-species, a native of the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers and tributaries. While having similar colorations and markings as the Kentucky spot, the Alabama spots are bigger in size and prized by tournament and recreational anglers for their aggressiveness.


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