When Bandit Lures asked its Facebook page followers which discontinued colors should be brought back into the line-up, no color name came up more frequently than Parrot/Orange. So when it was announced this color was returning, the positive response was large and immediate.

It could be argued, though, that no individual was more excited about the return of Parrot/Orange than longtime Bandit pro Pete Ponds. It has long been among Ponds’ favorite Bandit colors – if not his most favorite – so he had already been making a case for a Parrot/Orange return when the Facebook community was polled.

Parrot/Orange, which has creamy sides, a green back, orange on the back of the head, and just a splash orange on the belly, is an old Bandit color. In fact, it has been around as long as Ponds remembers. It was regionally popular but never a giant national seller, and eventually it was cut from the catalog. As is sometimes the case with fishing lures, though, demand soared as soon as anglers started figuring out that Parrot/Orange was gone.

Ponds likes Parrot/Orange’s versatility. He believes it suggests a bluegill really well, but he doesn’t only use it in situations when bass are likely to be feeding on bluegills. He also finds great success with it for targeting shad-oriented fish.

“I’ll also throw it in almost any color of water,” he said. “It is just a color that has worked really well for me over the years.”

Parrot/Orange is one of four returning Bandit colors for the Series 100, 200 and 300. The others are Hot Chocolate, Avocado Splatter and Humble Bee. Two new colors, Crawesome and Pearl Blue Herring, are also available in the Series 100, 200 and 300.