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4 Great Fishing Tackle Kits That Make Fishing Easy

Unsure what lures to tie on to find fishing success? These hand-picked fishing tackle kits simplify the answer.

Do you like easy?

Do you like catching fish?

How about combining these two?

That is what Lurenet offers with numerous fishing tackle kits, which range from a few carefully matched baits to large sets, and which collectively provide something for pretty much any fishing situation. Fishing tackle kits commonly combine baits that compliment each other, provide all the tackle needed for a technique, or provide multiple sizes and/or colors of a highly effective bait.

Many of the kits that Lurenet offers provide great value and put everything you need for a situation in one place, and the best ones for you depend on the waters you fish and preferred techniques. We’ve hand-picked four kits that facilitate easy fishing and offer a high likelihood of success. These four kits are also appealing because all are apt to hook you up with a variety of fish species!

Heddon Triple Threat

Heddon Torpedo luresHeddon Torpedo lures

Taking it from the top, the Heddon Triple Threat kit delivers a big dose of the exciting surface action that is just getting started in many parts of the country, will heat up with the summer, and will continue through fall.

This fishing tackle kit features Tiny Torpedoes and Baby Torpedoes, which are among the easiest of all topwater lures to fish effectively and will call up action from a host of fish species in ponds, lakes, streams and creeks.

The Triple Threat includes two Tiny Torpedoes, which are only 1 7/8 inches in length and will attract panfish species like rock bass and bluegills, along with white bass and all kinds of black bass. Rounding out the lure trio is a Baby Torpedo, which is 2 1/2 inches long, providing a little easier casting and a larger profile for bass that are looking for a larger meal and various other predators, like northern pike. The colors – Baby Bass, Black Shiner and Bullfrog – are three of Heddon’s top sellers.

Beyond being versatile in terms of species attracted and settings where they perform well, Torpedo lures provide versatility regarding how they can be worked. The basic strike-attracting action of either model comes from snapping the rod tip to move the lure and engage the splashy propeller on the back. However, you can cast to specific targets and work a Tiny Torpedo or Baby Torpedo very slowly to coax fish to the cover or cast across flats, points or shoals and move it quickly with nearly constant rod snaps to cover water and call fish from a broader area.

Thill Family Fishing Kits

Thill Family Fishing KitThill Family Fishing Kit

Just add bait for these fishing tackle kits, which make fish catching extra simple and are ideal for delivering easy family fun. Along with premium balsa floats, which are bright colored and easy to see, Thill Family Fishing Kits include split shot to keep the bait where it needs to be and hooks that are perfect for bluegills and other panfish, as well as trout. Slip float kits also include bobber stops and beads.

The fishing approach is simple. Bait the hook, cast the rig to where you think fish should be and set the hook when the float darts out of sight. Beyond being easy and an excellent option for less experienced anglers, this fishing approach is visually engaging, and fun for anglers of all experience levels. No true angler ever loses the excitement that comes from watching a bobber disappear.

It’s worth noting that Lurenet offers four different Thill Family Fishing Kits on its fishing tackle kits page. Kits are similar in make-up and offer the same value for easy fishing trips. Differences are that these kits are available in oval and pencil float shapes and spring and slip float configurations.

Pencil floats offer the most sensitivity and are extra good for ponds and backwater areas, while ovals handle a bit of wind or current a little better. Spring floats are the simplest to add and remove, while slip floats allow you to fish deeper and still be able to cast the rig easily.

Rebel Tracdown Ghost Minnow 3-Pack

Rebel Tracdown Ghost MinnowsRebel Tracdown Ghost Minnows

The Tracdown Ghost Minnow is a slender, slow-sinking 2 1/2-inch minnow lure that looks like any easy meal to fish. It’s best known for its virtues for trout in creeks and rivers but is also a terrific lure for assorted warmwater species in streams and for bass and other gamefish in ponds and smaller lakes.

Weighted to sink slowly when not in motion, a Tracdown Ghost Minnow can be fished at a variety of depths. The same weighing makes it easy to cast for its small size and allows it to handle current well, which is part of what makes it so effective as a creek and river bait.

The Tracdown Ghost Minnow also appeals to fish in a broad range of “moods.” Reeled steadily, it has a tight, very subtle swimming motion. Snaps of the rod tip make it dart erratically, appealing to more aggressive fish.

The kit offers three of the same bait, but in three colors that collectively provide options for a broad range of situations. Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout are proven producers in minnow-style lures, with Rainbow Trout tending to produce best in sunny conditions and Brown Trout excelling under dark skies. Black Back/Orange Belly is a fabulous minnow imitator for many types of waters, with the orange belly aiding visibility and prompting extra strikes.

YUM Ned Rig Kit

YUM Ned Rig kitYUM Ned Rig kit

The Ned rig is named for longtime outdoor writer Ned Kedhe who developed a finesse technique for fishing heavily pressured, relatively small lakes in the Midwest. It appeals to the fussiest of fish, whether those fish have been made fussy by heavy fishing pressure, cold-front conditions, clear water or some other factor.

Too often overlooked is the fact that Ned baits like the YUM Ned Dinger, Ned Crawfish and Ned Minnow are not only for fussy fish. Bass and walleyes will gobble up these little baits no matter what mood they are in. All three YUM Ned baits are extra small and made buoyant, so they stand up in the water.

The YUM Ned Rig kits include selections of all three baits, plus 1/8- and 1/12-ounce jigheads specially designed for Ned rig fishing. Pick the Ned bait you think will work best, rig it with an open hook on one of the included jigheads, tie it on light spinning tackle and start casting. Cast toward the bank or over shallow structure such as a flat point, a hump or a bar, and work it slowly down the slope, either by dragging with short pulls or with slight lifts and drops. Either way, subtle is the name of the game.

If you start with the Crawfish and the fish aren’t cooperating, switch the Minnow or Dinger and keep fishing. Sometimes one profile far outshines the others, with no obvious reason why.

Lurenet offers four different Ned Rig Kits on its fishing tackle kits page. All offer the same number of pieces and assortment of bait styles. Each includes a different mix of colors, so you can pick one (or maybe a couple) that seem like the best fits for the waters you plan to fish. All colors in the kits are there for a reason: they are proven producers.