Bandit Triple Threat

Make no mistake - this Bandit 3-pack is the real deal. These baits follow in the footsteps of the famous "Mistake" color pattern, featuring two distinctively different patterns on each side of the bait. Its no mistake - its a Bandit!

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No one likes a two-faced person. But a two-faced crankbait ... now thats a different story! In the spirit of the popular trend-setting "Mistake" color, Bandit Lures has discovered three more "accidents" that are sure to get bass biting and bass anglers talking. The "Mistaken Identity" color combines the top selling Fire Tiger color with the fish-catching root beer color in one lure. These colors provide a great contrast when working heavy cover or isolated structure. Works effectively in both stained and clear water conditions. The "Malfunction" color combines the proven Brown Craw Orange Belly color with the bright Yellow Spring Craw on one lure. When the bite is on crawfish colors, the Malfunction will cover your bases. Works effectively in both stained and clear water conditions. Finally the "Crossbreed" color matches the tried-and-true Baby Bass color with the River Bream. This combination is deadly in clear, shallow situations ... especially when bluegill are spawning. No one brings crankbait colors to life like Bandit Lures. One more reason you can always #LandItWithABandit.

Colors, Mistaken Identity, Malfunction, Crossbreed


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PK3BDT1 2 in