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YUM YUMbrella ® Mud Minnow Accessory Kit

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Instead of wasting your precious fishing time searching your jig head box for the five right jig heads and then shuffling through storage lockers for a quintuplet of perfect swim bats, how about just grabbing a single pack you know has everything you need? The YUMbrella Mud Minnow kits were created to make cartable umbrella rig fishing easy. The kit comes with five 4-inch YUM Mud Minnow swimbaits and five 1/8-ounce round ball jig heads with super-sharp 3/0 hooks. It's everything you need to quickly rig up and catch fish.

Kit Includes

  • 5 - 4-in. YUM Mud Minnows
  • 5 - 1/8-oz. YUM Round Ball Jigheads (3/0 Hooks)

Key Features

  • Makes rigging multi-lure rigs easy
  • Simulates a school of baitfish
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