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Versatile craw-like creature bait : Snake
The mighty bug is the best bass catcher I have ever used. Texas rigged with a light weight, pegged or unpegged, a very versatile lure. Can be buzzed across the surface by holding your rod tip high and letting the claws flap on the surface as you retrieve, swim on surface or in the water column, let it fall and flutter beside a target like a stump or brush pile, crawled along the bottom, you name it. Pluck off the legs, or one or two segments to change the shape and action. Bass hammer it when they are lethargic, when they are on the hunt, and when they are startled and react fast. Have caught them on green pumpkin, black neon, and others. Already on my second order this summer. (Posted on 6/13/16)
killerforbass : joe
Have caught tons of bass with this lure (Posted on 7/20/15)
Awesome! : Moose
Great lure, by it's self or on a spinner bait or buzz bait, just can't beat it. (Posted on 6/8/15)
this is the all time best soft plastic ever made !!!!!!! : tony kampe
I have fished theses lures ever since the first day they were put on the self and have put more Big Bass in the boat than any other plug or lure in my tackle ,I hear YUM is stop making this , Big mistake!!! this sells and catches more fish than any other soft bait sold in stores!!!!!!! (Posted on 2/2/15)

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YUM Mighty Bug

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The YUM Mighty Bug is a creature bait in a class of its own. Combine four short swimming legs with two long flailing appendages at the end, plus a segmented body that adds an undulating action and you've got plenty of water displacement to get a bass's attention. Now infuse it with the most effective attractant on the market! These incredible features create the creature bait bass fishermen have been looking for.

  • Ribbed body and swimming appendages give off big vibration
  • Body segments allow for wide variety of use; jig trailer, rigging, or jigging
Length Count
 3.75"  7


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