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YUM Mighty Craw

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YUM Mighty Craw's elongated claws - perfect for post front days or on pressured bass. Mighty Craw performs when flapped, pitched, on a bare jighead or as a jig trailer.


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Action in slow motion describes the YUM Mighty Craw. No matter how slowly you work it or how little weight is added, the Mighty Craw's enlongated claws flap and move- perfect for post-front days or on pressured bass. Four added legs on the body also move to create maximum water disturbance. Mighty Craw performs when flipped, pitched, on a bare jighead, or as a jig trailer.

  • Claws and arms impart lifelike action
  • Ribbed body displaces water and bulks the presentation
  • Perfroms well flipped & pitched or jigged


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