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Smithwick Suspending Super Rogue Jr.

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The Suspending Super Rogue Jr. is a legendary jerkbait for bass and walleyes. For casters, it features an internal weight-transfer system that produces long, accurate casts. Anglers trolling it for walleyes appreciate the molded-in lip and true-tracking right out of the package. The weight-transfer system allows the rattle to roll to the end of the lure on the cast, putting the weight right where it needs to be to maximize distance and accuracy. When the Suspending Super Rogue Jr. hits the water, the rattle moves to the forward position to produce sound with each twitch or movement of the lure.


Species: Bass, Stripers, Trout, Walleye

Model Length Cranking Depth   Trolling Depth  Hooks
ASDRE12  4 1/8 in.  6 ft.  10 ft.  # 6
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