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Big bass machine : Stopresisting
I have used this lure on most of the big lakes in central and south Florida. This is my go to lure and I tell everyone that I come across about it. This lure is easy to cast and the action really gets the fish's attention. I only fish topwater and only use two different lures, I wish this lure was carried everywhere and a little easier to purchase but it is worth the effort to find. My grandfather taught me how to topwater fish is in this lure when I was a kid, thank you smith wick for making a time tested, tried and true quality product!!! (Posted on 4/28/15)
awsome topwater : TOM-AHAWK
i really like this topwater! i needed a substitute for the Heddon Dying Flutter, and this met my expectations. The colors i have had success on are silver shiner (for bass), yellow perch first cast caught a muskie and my favorite color bullfrog has caught muskie,pike & bass. I used it with braid; off of points with structure and around old beaver lodges with great success, and also around weed edges and wild rice. It's a real producer i always buy them when i can because up here in Canada they are hard to come by i have only used the 3/8 because just finding the bait in any weight be it 3/8 or 1/2 is hard to find that you for an awsome lure thank you! (Posted on 7/5/14)

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Smithwick Devil's Horse

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If you didn’t know that the top bass-fishing pros still ride the Devil’s Horse to victory each year, you might think it’s just too “dated” to catch fish. Every year, however, the Devil’s Horse is credited on the weigh-in stage as the winning lure in multiple southern tournaments. The propellers at the front and tail of the lure can be adjusted to throw more water and work slower, or bent back for a quicker, quieter retrieve. The Devil’s Horse simply catches fish because it creates action without moving forward far, so you can work a fish a long time and simply tease it into striking.

  • Proven big bass lure
  • Double propeller topwater lure
Model Length Count Cranking Depth   Weight  Hooks
AF1  4 1/2 "  1  Topwater  3/8 oz  #5
AF2  4 1/2 "  1  Topwater  1/2 oz  #3



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