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The Rebel TD49 Tracdown Minnow measures just 1-5/8-inches and is perfect for panfish, trout, bass and other gamefish. The Tracdown is a slow-sinking lure designed for success in moving water because there’s less line resistance as the bait gets down to the level of the fish and stays there even during a pause in the retrieve. Available in multiple color patterns, including flashy chrome/blue and trout patterns, the TD49 also excels in cold, still water when you need to get a lure to a certain depth and work it slowly. A big eye gives fish a clear target and quality components hold up to the rigors of catching fish-after-fish.


Size Weight Depth Hook
1 5/8 in 3/32 oz 0 - 2 Feet #14


Tracdown Minnow TD49

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