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great lure : promethious
I have had great luck with this lure. Switched from my old faithful and on the 2nd cast the fish started hitting. In about 45 mins I had landed 9 fish until we ran out of daylight.
Last night my wife and I took our 11yr old son fishing...again I set him up with my old action. Switched him to the rebel teeny and first cast he landed a Guadalupe Bass. The lure speaks for itself! (Posted on 8/24/14)
brown crawdad : breambuster
THIS LURE IS AWESOME IN BROWN CRAWDAD! It will catch any kind of bream and the bass will eat it up too. It's also pretty hard to hang up and lose in water. Great little lure. (Posted on 8/4/14)
A gotta have lure : grumps
I have used this at a lake that has white perch in it and this thing is a killer. I catches bass and bream, too. We almost have to hide it in the boat to keep them from biting it. It runs 1 to 3 ft deep according to Rebel so, it is mostly good for shallower water. Rebel makes an almost identical lure called the "wake-R" that runs just under the water surface for places that where a lure will pick up moss and algae if run deeper which I like also. (Posted on 6/6/14)

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Rebel Super Teeny Wee-R

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The Super Teeny Wee-R can be waked just under the surface or cranked up to 3-feet deep to catch fish in steams, ponds or even big lakes. The Super Teeny Wee-R features a fat baitfish profile and a wiggling action on the retrieve that bass, panfish and other gamefish can’t resist. It’s a great crankbait anytime fish are feeding on young baitfish.

  • Wake bait
  • Great for panfish and bass
Size Weight Depth Hook
1 1/2 in 1/8oz 1 - 3 Feet #10
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