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The best popper on the market! : Mr. Bass
I prefer the magnum for several reasons: its size, length, and big fish results. The added weight allows me to make longer casts over and into weeds, and does attract the bigger fish. I fish a large marshy lake with plenty of bass. Over the years I have tried just about every top-water popper there is. I keep coming back to the reliable magnum Pop-R. The bodies are virtually indestructible; I have had to replace the treble hooks from time-to-time. Try one out (black and silver for a starter) if you like catching bass. (Posted on 4/14/15)

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Rebel Magnum Pop R

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The largest Pop-R in the Rebel line-up, the Magnum Pop-R creates tremendous surface disturbance to pull in bass and stripers from a long distance. The Pop-R is a legendary topwater bait that’s won hundreds of thousands of dollars for anglers in bass tournaments because the bait produces two distinctly different sounds and actions depending on if the angler is holding the rod tip high or toward the water.

  • Largest Pop-R creates tremendous surface disturbance
  • Legendary topwater bait
Model Size Weight Depth Hook
P65 3 in 1/2 oz Topwater #4
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