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An awesome bait! : Jerry
The DBN #141 and #269 SX baits are incredible baits and out catch any crankbait on the Mississippi River, Rock River and any pond or lake. They are prolific baits and catch Small/Largemouth bass, stripers and walleye.

The #89Sv-persh is also incredible along wing dams and lakes up north where perch are popular bait fish for small/largemouth bass and walleye. Sad to hear 'they' discontinued this bait.

Too bad you do not have the "Place order" button available for buying these from Lurenet. (Posted on 9/3/16)

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Norman Deep Baby N

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The Deep Baby N is a classic medium-depth crankbait. Fast diving with a tight wiggle, it’s a great shad, bluegill or crawdad imitation for the 6-8 foot range.

Model No. Weight(oz) Weight(g) Size(cm) Size(cm) Cranking Depth Hooks
NMDBN 1/4 oz 7.10 g 2 in 5.10 cm 6 - 8 FT #6
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